【Fermented Seasoning】Shoyu Koji

$8.00 USD

【Fermented Seasoning】Shoyu Koji しょうゆ麹

"Shio(=salt) koji" and "Shoyu(=soy sauce) koji" are traditional Japanese fermented seasoning, made with salt, koji and water that everyone knows.
We make ours in-house, using the same ingredients as our sake.
Try Shio/Shoyu Koji to pickle vegetables, or marinate grilled fish and meat.

The effects of “Koji” on the body are
①Intestinal environment is improved
②Recovery from fatigue
③ Immunity is up
④ Prevention of arteriosclerosis
⑤ Skin-beautifying / Beautiful skin
In addition, these are all-purpose seasonings that connect with nature and are full of deliciousness.

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